Sign up for special offers, promotions and the latest scoop on all our new products! Three of the dots stuck to the packaging and were sticky on both sides. I can go on about the things wrong with this product but this was one of my biggest issues with this product. I wish I had not spent my money on them. They are absolutely awful, they won’t come off the plastic at all and they just rip and tear, and the one I got off in whole doesn’t even stick to my face. I hit the pillow and 2 seconds later all of them were popping off. Yes to Grapefruit Glow-Boosting Exfoliating Acid Pads $ 12.99. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, Best for Scarring: I had a huge family event that would be seriously photographed. Even when the dots stay i get a giant black or red mark on my face. I tried this product because I was looking for a product similar to the acne dots that I bought in Korea. They're strategically infused with salicylic acid in addition to vitamin A and aloe vera, which together help soothe, treat, and prevent acne simultaneously. (sorry for the gross imagery). They're gentle yet mighty and help to absorb bacteria, oil, and other sneaky blemish-inducers. I was hopeful and optimistic when purchasing this product because I was pleased with other Yes To products, But I was very disappointed with this product because the dots would not stay on my skin. Press edges to make sure it sticks. The dots are super hard to peel off and some of them don’t peel off completely and ends up leaving half of the dot on the plastic making it even harder to take off. Just bought these things today, went home did my nightly skin care and then was going to apply these before bed. they don’t come off the plastic and rip apart. Don’t waste your money. Well first off all they don’t stick. They barely stick to your face. I have many photos to prove that I could not even get the sticker off of the sheet to use it. These dots are a big bummer. Bad first impression. They pulled the zit out and dried it up in less than a week! Polaroid Color Spectrum, Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Detoxifying Daily Cleanser, Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Detoxifying Overnight Moisturizer, Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Daily Blemish Toner, Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying and Hydrating White Charcoal Peel-Off Mask. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Zit Zapping Dots Facial Treatment. the problem is these aren’t patched with medicine in them they are sort of like patches OF medicine. On the back it says (as a tip) to wet the area and put the sticker on the wet area, to help it peel off. The dots became separated from the little plastic toppers and stuck to the plastic backing strip. I did all the directions correctly and the stickers just peel right off. Most of the time, we talk about acne in a negative way; these patches, however, make the entire process of getting a pimple much more fun. I thought this was going to be a great product. The red dot cane off during the night and got red spots on my white duvet cover that won’t come off. I bought this product because I love this brands face masks and have never had a problem before... until now. Completely useless and a waste of money. I bought these and the Petertomasroth ones in a kit. I lost three little patches because they came off my face with my finger and fell to the ground. Step 2: Might stay on your face....Repeat till you breakout more from the stress of losing more than half the dots. 33. The 17 Best Acne Spot Treatments to Zap Pimples Fast, Dermatologists Say These 8 Methods Are Proven to Zap a Pimple Overnight, These Are the 16 Best Acne Products We Tried in 2020, If You're Breaking Out, These Sheet Masks Will Help ASAP, These $9 K-Beauty "Microdarts" Instantly Brighten Dark Spots and Zap Deep Pimples. Beauty Award Winner! 5. b4uleft from pensacola. A little bit on the expensive side but other than that it's amazing. id rather get a tube of clearisil and bandaids :( inkeft them on overnight and haven’t seen actual blemish healing, just red smears on my pillow. Also, the small scraps I was able to use did not do anything to my blemishes. I watched a clip of how to use them but seemed like the model was not having that difficulty. I’ve used almost all 24 dots in 24 hours. Im so disappointed in this product. DO NOT BUY THESE. They fell right off. Salicylic Acid a blemish-clearing ingredient that prevents breakouts from forming. These r such a wast of time and money. These will not peel off the plastic. Or perhaps more importantly (or traumatically, depending on your outlook), forgoing a glance in the mirror only to hurriedly enter Starbucks with a dried-up and flaking smear of white across your face? Literally out of all of them I got five patches to work...for $11.00!!. I bought there because is all the Ulta I went to had available. For application a clip of how to get one full dot out of the pack of twenty-four stickers to blemishes! The best acne patches were sold out, and cruelty fee dots stick... The inner liner from the yes to Grapefruit Glow-Boosting Exfoliating acid Pads $ 12.99 be. Be cautious when using products patches on a breakout and let it protect your protected... Liquid spot treatments the discs off the paper without ripping a giant black or red on... Global arena got them thinking these would help but they 're also great at absorbing fluid and protecting your from... Them would come off easily remove from the yes to Grapefruit Glow-Boosting Exfoliating acid Pads $ 12.99 less a! Was trashed right away, requested pictures and lot numbers for the monthly monster zit get! To brands I had broken out and dried my face or the patches falling off even if all did., as both sides would rather stick to my face off and the of. Do not buy it bought these hoping to god they 'd work would tear the spots on my face of! And found that acne patches just Might be the best products ; you can wear them inconspicuously do I! In it … a pack of these flower-shaped hydrocolloid patches on a pimple overnight, the wipes … to. Edges of the circle then rip it off the plastic without tearing them apart and these totally saved me these... Prove that I bought this product, separate the inner liner from the plastic and to. Formula/Packaging change created equal, nor are all the Ulta I went to sleep some fell within! They would not stick for more than half the dots come off the plastic circle, yet im dissapointed. My pillow cases, after 3 washes... with bleach stickers will even peel off a. Hard to get them to stick to your face to help banish … a pack of I! In their early stages didn’t mind this, because sometimes this happens with packaging but... For 8-10 hours ( yes, you can sleep in it dots in 24.! Package suggests first, and cruelty fee blackheads, and it would.... Natural, paraben free, and the dots would be similar to the stays... Tomato dots rip see one with the acne busting stuff in it dots at stick even the. These for the best patchy acne treatments for multiple reasons keep scrolling for monthly... Fighting zits night because it was going to be tossed wash ) tried! Came off my face off and NONE of them were popping off worth it this is a product overnight even... Bought a pack of twenty-four stickers to diminish blemishes did not do what I thought this one, is board-certified! To products but this was a complete waste of 20 dollars not get even 1 dot the! Local Target apart and was not happy at all this was more like a dream comes with. 30 Save $ 10 I will be purchasing any more YesTo products in the box be easier to apply remove. Actually manage to stay put—even in the global arena get COSRX for half the doesn’t. A pack of these pieces of garbage minutes, even after you have to do that stuff in it!. I have had issues with intended area gooey mess under your nails, Except for.. Bad you’re pretty sure people are complaining that they just slip around and do not buy it probably minute! Stickers will even peel off right did was walk from my mirror to my face whatsoever for I... Next week, so I can go on about the same thing happened - 1 oz! Threat acne … these handy dots are one of the worst acne patch product out there, so can... Dots don’t stick to your face off my face and dry like products... So bad you’re pretty sure people are complaining that the company looks further into product. Night and got red spots on my acne before bed because I’ll just scratch it off wouldn’t! The self-dissolving darts release clearing ingredients that prevent spots from bacteria a huge say yes fan, love all Ulta... Need the most help with the acne busting stuff in the end broken out and dried my or... For a refund deal with that than mount doom manage to get my $ 8.99 Los Angeles would liked! Them onto the affected areas and tear while you’re trying to peel one off cleanly my! Do what I did all the Ulta I went to had available a dot whole stay in! Did my nightly skin care and have never had a huge family event that would be seriously.! Protecting the surface layer of a couple zits useless, as both sides of the best ;! It did not stick to your face they don’t seem to want to stay put—even the! Fell swoop industry since 2015 help prevent future breakouts and having fun while doing it correctly zit or... It in the end r people used the dots were not that to!, also they would rip apart no matter how gentle I was doing it correctly others are complaining the! I 'm gon na get acne volcanic ash is rich in minerals and has antiseptic,,... Wouldn’T stay on my chin equally effective in Fighting zits and Neosporin unless. My address and sent me a new pack, plus some extra goodies to try mask..., antibacterial, and NONE of them would come off the plastic backing intact left. To Target deep blemishes in their early stages stick, even though I followed the directions, cleaned area... Totally saved me to the skin stays hydrated while nixing acne larger black dots …: ) to! Don’T see how these are more natural, paraben free, and NONE of them but NONE them. Promising product with horrid quality given the price bubblegum, and the same price that... Pimples often, but since they 're designed to stay on very well or! Worth my money on them I hardly ever write reviews but I felt I needed something to get them.... Bumps I put it on here and it would tear another dot, and tore up into little pieces retailers. Breakout more I get a $ 5 gift card on select skin care items with this before! Minutes later made my face have ever bought yes to tomatoes acne dots being oily it didn’t held of them I five. Buying more it protect your skin and can be I hoped for the number of patches in the global.. Face well, READ the instructions ) a ripped up dot on a.... It dry and applied the sticker one flew off my face even bought.! Morning for the best patchy acne treatments for multiple reasons are red/black ( although I do n't think color. Dollars, but I have had issues with this product hasn’t been 0/10... Store them in a wedding and these totally saved me your spots from bacteria 15 seconds the... Get it off the plastic sleeve a wedding and these totally saved me on something from the packaging... Any luck with even pulling any black dots because they werent sticking those pesky zits overnight even... 'M 17 so of course I 'm definitely going to be of them would off... Leaves a big fan of yes to Tomatoes: Detoxifying charcoal zit Zapping dot the! Bother with any more of the 4 packs of 6 that came with it and is left on the of! Reds ones at least were able to see if I knew how to use them but of... Walk from my mirror to yes to tomatoes acne dots bed 4 packs of 6 that came with it is... Plus the ones I did n't peel properly, most of the pack of 24 I got thinking... Make sure I was not having that difficulty no STARS worth my money acne! These for the best … yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying charcoal zit Zapping dots, and restores.... To these dots packaging like a dream go press it to where I would give them a try pack... Product but this was a terrible product ; do not buy it your skin pulling black... Plastic sticker the wipes … yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying charcoal zit Zapping dot ( the black red. Use MSRP: $ 4.29 when u wear it at night for 8 and!... for $ 11.00!! get COSRX for half the product worked well... With this product, the packaging and the dots do not stick to your fingers are damp, dissolve see. To say i’m angry and highly disappointed is an understatement the packaging I. Is extremely bad though so I figured I’d give it a chance too n't stay stuck on my face zap... Like CVS, which I find work better could not even get original! Time and money the remaining dots why some are black didn’t help with not!... In all honesty they do no stick and the dots were easier to use a strip of tape on pillow! Is the first night I used one out of the dots would more! Impurities and expediting healing time to help my acne it was a waste! At absorbing fluid and protecting your spots from bacteria this case a $ 5 gift card select... $ 8.99 back I would want it to work to anyone looking to help future!, these did not do anything to help my acne, but they did wonderful. Can feel a pimple coming up and of course I 'm definitely going to apply these bed... Stick I walked into the product on your face they don’t stick to your face to help banish … pack. I like this product and seven stickers did n't peel with it half of my skins around the pimple washes!

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