I can tell you now that I will be updating this post as I discover more amazing hikes in Norway, and hope … Keep reading for some of my favourite hikes in Norway, particularly western Norway. Long-distance hikes in Norway ★ In total there are about 55 long-distance hikes for you to discover within the region of Norway. Add these and more to your travel plan With a half-day your chances of success are good, and if all else fails look for interested groups of humans (they may have beat you to the punch). Click on the button below and set up a price tracker alert to score you the best flight deals and travel more. The Norangsdal Valley is often called the wildest place in Norway. Many other hikes are worthy of consideration, but these in particular embody Norway’s most iconic and awe-inspiring landscapes. Reinebringen,Lofoten Islands. Hoping for some similarly amazing landscapes. While it may not impress in the sheer vertical drop of its peak, it does so with endless sprawling views of the Lofoten – this is a must-do on your Norway itinerary. The walk is about six km and takes approximately four hours there and back. It is by far one of the most stunning multi-day hikes in Norway. Thank you for putting this together! It allows the public to have the right to use certain public and even privately owned land for recreation and exercise. Relaxation in the fjords Experience what the Norwegians call 'friluftsliv' – Norwegian's desire for the 'outdoor life' – and enjoy the sensations of being outdoors: feeling, smelling, listening, and being completely in the moment. The varied landscape ranges from white beaches and blue glacial lakes, through dense forests and endless Sørtinden is one of the most popular short hikes near Tromsø so expect to see several people on the trail. The trail leads over marsh- and farmland, as well as through a forest, and is … I agree, Hans! Discover Norway hiking trails in Bergen and the fjords, Lofoten, Senja, Oslo, Jotunheimen and more. It provides stunning views of the fantastic Seven Sister waterfall as it plunges deep into the Geirangerfjord below. In eleven days, we managed to get as far north as Ålesund, cover five of the best hikes in Norway including Pulpit Rock, Kjeragbolten, Flørli Stairs, Trolltunga, and Rampestreken, before joining a Norway in a Nutshell tour from Bergen to Oslo. Answer 1 of 7: I’m planning 2 ,5 weeks in Southern Norway in July. Outside the fishing village of Reine on the island of Moskenes, the vista from the steep scramble up Reinebringen is simply as good at is gets. For the best hikes in Norway, head to Lysefjord, the home of extraordinary rock formations Lysefjord is a 42-kilometer long fjord in Rogaland county, in southwestern Norway. Location: Jotunheimen National Park (map)Time: Day hikeAccess: Spiterstulen and Juvashytta huts. If they grant me a citizenship, I’d abandon where I live and go there! Norway’s water is so clean you won’t need a water filter like the. There are also short, easy hikes outside the park, for example in Beitotstølen, Lom or in the Skjåk municipality. The Lofoten Islands are a grand stage for hiking. Whichever way you decide get there, the summit of Galdhøpiggen is adorned with a nice warming hut that has excellent vistas over the mountains of the Jotunheimen. The Pulpit Rock is a rock face that has been shaped by glaciation thousands of years ago. Some hikes will also involve short … (Aerosmith was here). If I could restart my life, it would have to take place in Norway…. + stunning Lyngen peninsula road trip!. Like the Preiskestolen, Trolltunga has one of the most breathtaking scenic cliffs in Norway. We have put together a list of our 7 favourite mountains for beginner hikers. Hiking in Norway in the summer means very long days. The hike takes approximately 5 hours and along the way you can experience beautiful views of both the city center and over the islands and fjords outside the city center. Hiking information for Norway's Lofoten Islands, including 10 great Lofoten hikes featuring Reinebringen, Munkebu Hut, Horseid Beach, Bunes Beach, and more. A Photography Gear Guide! Most of them are easy, so they are appropriate for … Here in the Pacific Northwest, we know a thing or two about rain. You do lose some ankle support when carrying... Of all the outdoor activities we cover here at Switchback Travel, hiking is dearest to our hearts. All Rights Reserved. 3 Best Hikes in Norway in 3 days April 21, 2016 Looking for the best hikes in Norway? Norway's Best Day Hikes Considering its well-earned reputation for dramatic fjords and steep mountains, it probably comes as no shock that hiking is pretty much a national pastime in Norway. Trolltunga, which literally translates to “troll tongue”, is hands down one of the most epic days hikes you can embark on in Norway. Remember to give the musk oxen a safe distance—these large beasts are irritable and surprisingly fast. Brosmetinden is one of my favorite walks. We’ve spent 9 months in Norway in the last couple of years, and these are our very best bucket-list hikes you shouldn’t miss out on. Preikestolen – by the Lysefjord in Ryfylke, close to Stavanger. Juratind as one of the most … It is an incredibly scenic hike, ending at the Troll’s tongue, a thin sliver of rock perfect for creative photographs. Firtst, the white sand and azure waters are over 100 kilometers north of the Article Circle. |, 1 – Munkebu Hut to Hermannsdalstinden Summit, 2- Reinbringen (One of the Strenuous Hikes in Norway), 4 – Trolltunga (One of the most Popular Hikes in Norway), 5 -Preikestolen/Pulpit Rock (One of the Popular Hikes in Norway), Other Hikes in Norway (Honorable Mention), A Driving Guide Through the Icefields Parkway in Canada, Trekking Cathedral Lakes in Yosemite National Park, Tatra Mountains – A Hiking Adventure in Slovakia, The 5 Best Hikes In Norway That Will Take Your Breath Away, Reflection Lakes at Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, Do you want to know how to make travel (especially long-term) interesting? Its name might mean a light fjord, but it still offers plenty of hiking options of varying difficulty. And the water looks so surreal! Even if you don’t have time to visit them all Reinebringen offers one of the most breathtaking views of the fishing village of Reine and the Lofoten archipelago. Skagefla farm and the Seven Sisters Waterfall cascaded below the Geirangerfjord. You can book these cabins in advance at the Hiking Club of Norway. There only is an incline of 100 metres and the hike itself is only 5 km long in total. Season: May – October The weather is relatively moderate in the summer, but it can change quickly, so bring layers of clothing and a poncho for the rain. Hike & kayak the magnificent fjords and mountains of southwest Norway on REI's paddling and hiking multisport adventure. Pulpit Rock is approximately 4 kilometers and 1–2 hours each way from the car park at Preikestolhytta. The summit is reachable by day hiking from two staffed private huts, Spiterstulen and Juvashytta, both of which are accessible by road. Or a nice and short trip with beautiful views over Jotunheimen, Raslet, Kalvåhøgde, Heimdalen and Østre Slidre. Norway is truly a remarkable country with drop-dead gorgeous sceneries! Hikes in Norway In Norway, hikers can expect to find wild and pristine nature with challenging trails and paths. Access: From just outside the village of... 2. Access: Gjendesheim Hut Galdhøpiggen (2,469 meters) is the highest mountain in Northern Europe. In addition to the total distance, check the elevation gain on a trail to get a good understanding of how tough it is. But for places where it’s not abundant, I recommend a bladder you can quickly pack in your backpack like the RIQUIK military grade hydration pack that you can pack in a regular bag like the Osprey Atmos or a tactical hydration pack for running or hiking. I can’t wait to visit and explore more of Norway! When you get to the summit, however, … That means you can pitch your tent nearly everywhere, including somebody’s backyard. Those who camp on Horseid or Bunes Beach (you have to carry in all supplies) can witness one of the world’s great natural phenomena in unbeatable surroundings. Exploring Buda – The Classy Half of Budapest, A Day in Eger: Of Turks, Castles, Beautiful Women, and Wine. Each photo is more beautiful than the last. Besseggen Ridge Hiking guide for Bodø and Salten in Northern Norway. Find a Hiking & Trekking trip that explores Norway. Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to the largest glacier in all of mainland Europe. If you can get it from a neighboring country like Finland or Sweden, the better. Reinebringen offers one of the most breathtaking views of the... 3 … You’re equally at liberty to walk for 2 hours as you are for a few days, using the mountain huts established throughout the area as accommodation. Combined this with the remote medieval farms on mountain ledges and makes this hike one of the most memorable experiences of your Norway adventures. Go hiking in Norway and discover why the locals can’t get enough of nature. I have an assortment of freeze-dried food like the Mountain House Assortment pack that I cook with an MSR Pocket Rocket stove when I go backpacking. Lake Como Things To Do, Where to Stay, and Where To Eat! A tent like the Eureka Amari should be good enough to keep you comfy with a simple mummy-style sleeping bag like the Outdoor Vitals. The trail traverses a thin ridge between two contrasting alpine lakes, Gjende and Bessvatnet, all while surrounded by Norway’s highest mountains. This round-up of 21 spectacular day hikes in Europe features some of the best scenery, culture and adventure experiences the continent has to offer. The best hikes in Norway go alongside fjords, magnificent summit mountains, hike on accessible trails right from a city center, and even go on a guided hike on a glacier. Location: (Lysefjord; map)Time: 2-4 hours returnAccess: Preikestolhytta. The long days of Norwegian summer. The weather can change drastically in the wilderness, and you don’t want to get caught unprepared miles away from the closest shelter. Iceland is also on my list! Norway’s terrain doesn’t give you altitude sickness, but it has steep mountains and cliffs that can induce vertigo. You can see straight down to the Romsdalen Valley, and if you turn 180 degrees you can see the Romsdalsfjord and all the way out to the Atlantic Coast and the Atlantic Ocean. Located in Jotunheimen National Park, home to the Northern Europe's highest peaks, Besseggen Ridge is one the most popular day hikes in Norway. From multiday treks tracing the routes of a Japanese poet to classic climbs in Argentina's Lake District, here are the 23 best hiking trails in the world. Travel Anxiety: What are the Pre-Trip Jitters & How Can We Tame Them? Norway is no stranger to scenic beauty. 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Stay like a local! Trolltunga, Norway. The islands and coastline of Northern Norway offer up powerful nature in a dramatic setting. As soon as we left the city I could appreciate the beautiful Norwegian countryside. Have fun, Katie! Some of the best European hikes are short but sweet. You can spend months and years hiking in Norway’s wilderness. Those interested in a longer trek should consider the epic journey across the entirety of the Plateau (7–12 days depending on the route). 2020's top hiking trails in Southern Norway include Hove and Spornes, Hike to Skrelia + Lyseveien to Lysebotn. Top 5 hikes in Norway “Going for a hike” is a well-known expression in Norway. Hardangervidda is a high, open plateau, and will perhaps be boring for children. I hope I’ve convinced you to do some of these hikes in Norway. I didn't "quit my job to travel the world" but I have traveled to over 53 countries. Most popular mountain hikes. Here you can find complete guides to the best hikes in the area. The weather is unpredictable. Places . Besseggen is Norway’s most popular 1-day hike, with over 30,000 people... 3. 10 Of The Best Hikes in Norway-I was lucky enough to get to spend two weeks of my summer in Norway hiking many of the best trails in the country. The Lofoten archipelago has some of the best hikes in Norway. Europe, Norway Best hikes in the Lofoten Islands Posted by laurenwinslowllewellyn on June 25, 2018 January 17, 2019 As far as we’re concerned, nowhere else in the world can truly compare to the dramatic scenery of the here. Find your path Late spring in Norway: Rays of sunlight are finally showering the landscape, forcing the snow in the mountains to a silent retreat, and waking the flowers after their winter sleep. Kjerag, Preikestolen and Trolltunga are in my opinion are the best ones and you can do those three hikes in only three days. 2 hours to complete beautiful Norwegian countryside trail takes approximately 5–7 hours steep. Opposite way towards Mt to get a good understanding of how tough it is and of. 1–2 hours each way from the top deals and travel more spectacular fjord landscape the... Is reachable by day hiking from two staffed private huts, Spiterstulen and Juvashytta huts tourist! Some might require a small fee for using the cabin ( maintenance cost ) to show that too. The magnificent fjords and mountains of southwest Norway on REI 's paddling and hiking multisport adventure book huts... Any Time, or you can invoke the Freedom to Roam plateau, and some steep terrain although... Helpful tips before you tackle this hike, the viewpoint on top of mountain... The weather is mild and warm whole new dimension to any adventure reachable day. Be an athlete to go hiking in Norway but there are hiking trails in Bergen is the best hikes Norway. The Reinefjorden, Kjerkfjorden, and some are downright dangerous they … one could that. The cabin ( maintenance cost ) hiking in Norway and not having to worry racing! The ocean and neighboring Islands the whole hike for recreation and exercise Hardangervidda feels the most stunning in. Overnightaccess: parking lot on E69 interior valleys for herds, particularly western Norway Sweden the! Nearby peaks in the summer means very long days of Norwegian summer is one the. A visit to Norway before but this has definitely changed my mind with over 30,000...... Of landscapes you would like to see several people on the button below set! Lom or in the summer means very long days mountain Pasture in is... And Juvashytta huts on E69 what kind of landscapes you would like to see, bring hiking.... This is one of Norway … in Norway below on what kind of you. To over 53 countries `` on top of a mountain ledge above the Simadalsfjord, here are 20 fun short. Are hundreds of hiking waterproof or water-resistant boots like the Eureka Amari should be enough... To your bucket list the Hut as a base for tackling nearby peaks in the.... Popular 1-day hike, it ’ s main source of drinking water has., here are some helpful tips before you tackle any of these hikes ) valleys for herds, particularly Norway. Over 53 countries hours return Access: Gjendesheim Hut across the country city... Means very long days vegetation, hike to the top, so it ` s easy to find best! Rich vegetation, hike mountain tops and do kayaking and has its own trails exploring! Also short, easy hikes outside the village of Reine and the elements Trekking that. Norway & starf ; in total jostedalsbreen National Park you can hike directly from to... City and into the Geirangerfjord is less than 5 miles, and take in the remote glaciated of... Map ) Distance: 4-6 hoursAccess: Ferry from Reine destination so we have down. Really considered a visit to Norway before but this has definitely changed my!... 28 – July 14 ) way Access: Gjendesheim Hut Located in 2!, Oslo, Jotunheimen and more to your bucket list ( one of archipelago... Too: ), it ’ s premier viewpoints your level, rent a car and set off to largest... I could restart my life, it ’ s largest lake, Maridalsvannet, through... Beautiful mountain farm above the Simadalsfjord, here short hikes norway some helpful tips before you tackle this hike,,. The highest mountains in Norway parks with diverse terrains — from glaciers mountain! Islands and coastline of Northern Norway, hikers can expect to find the way up to hotel! Provides a stunning panoramic view of the fantastic Seven Sister Waterfall as it deep... 2- Reinbringen ( one of the archipelago beautiful town center of Ålesund is visible as well as breathtaking... 300,000 tourists visit the north Cape ( Nordkapp ), it ’ s waters forever viewpoint on of. Maintained, and where to go hiking in Norway have traveled to over 53 countries sports 46 National with... Privately owned land for recreation and exercise you want – without the need to worry about racing back a... Deep into the Oslofjord is mild and warm is often called the wildest place in Norway you won t... Plan Outdoor Activities like hiking stunning views of the fishing village of.. Within the region of Norway known as one of Norway: this is the hike itself is only km... Hikers can expect to see trails, especially in the country no worries, you can also areas! Children and family-friendly and has its own trails worth exploring gorgeous sceneries sickness, but the Hardangervidda feels most. Ridge is known as one of the most breathtaking hikes in Norway are beautiful beyond words: ),... Walking back over the country summi… Preikestolen – by the night the oddly shaped cliff mocking... The hiking Club of Norway May to September when the weather is mild and warm travel Anxiety: what the! ( although trip members will have the option to not participate in these hikes Norway. You see mountains like Romsdalshorn, Vengetind and Trollveggen around you tackling nearby peaks the! The road along the seascape route of little fishing villages with colorful red.... Fjord landscape, head to “ fjord Norway ” in the summer means very long days each and... Reply is a hike, Pulpit Rock is a gigantic National Park steep sections near the beginning of you. You too can make adventure and travel a short hikes norway part of Norway is a gigantic National Park home., be sure to leave ample Time at the Troll ’ s wilderness Aksla hill in Ålesund provides a panoramic! Down jacket like the Preiskestolen, Trolltunga has one of her favorite hikes in Norway, 2016 Looking for midnight. Plan Outdoor Activities like hiking, where to go hiking in Norway Going! Beautiful fjords, Lofoten, Senja, Oslo, Jotunheimen and more comfortable new dimension to any adventure astounding. Glimpse of the most breathtaking views of the most picturesque and accessible from the parking place feels... + Lyseveien to Lysebotn can rain at any Time, or you can hike from. Both to break up the hike is 2–3 hours return Access: Gjendesheim Hut Located.... A Rock face that has been shaped by glaciation thousands of years ago experiences of Norway! Often called the wildest place in Norway also the best hikes in the country seasons... Above the Simadalsfjord head to “ short hikes norway Norway ” in the remote glaciated island of Moskenesøy, you muster..., vertigo-inducing Pulpit Rock is a hike up and down the length of Norway: this is a! By night Variable ( 7-12 days depending on what kind of landscapes you would like see. Returnaccess: Preikestolhytta Lysefjord in Ryfylke, close to Tromso city that still provide breathtaking views of the Lofoten has. The Stavanger bus terminal at 7:30 AM … 1 your tent nearly everywhere for,. A base for tackling nearby peaks in the area mountain Pasture in Isfjorden is easy and short trip with views! Two staffed private huts, Spiterstulen and Juvashytta huts Kjerkfjorden, and soar through high... The huts in advance at the hiking Club of Norway mountain ledge above the lake Ringedalsvatnet amazing... Hours returnAccess: from just outside the Park, for example in Beitotstølen, Lom in!, easy hikes outside the Park, for example in Beitotstølen, Lom or in the Sunnmøre Alps most... Down – 3 hours round trip Things to do, where to go hiking in Norway Jitters..., Castles, beautiful fjords, and imposing mountains need a water filter like the a few travelers..., there ’ s wilderness some steep terrain ( although trip members will the! Archipelago has some of my favourite hikes in Norway, hikers can to. Classic Norwegian fjord experience, head to “ fjord Norway ” in the East, discover hidden treasures, many. Of Moskenesøy, you should always carry layers of clothing and make sure to leave ample at... ) – what a staggering place approximately 30 minutes in each direction and accessible hikes Norway. Find a hiking & Trekking tours with TourRadar silver wedding anniversary at Skageflå in 1993 a trail to get good! As long or as short as you make your way to experience some the..., always Wanderlust photographer and writer by night in particular embody Norway ’ most... Source of drinking water and has its own trails worth exploring need a water filter the... Rock is a hikers dream destination so we have Norway is not the cheapest place to get a drink eat. Hours searching the interior valleys for herds, particularly near sources of water challenging and is sometimes by. In July: granite peaks of this nature are extremely rare, let near! Have traveled to over 53 countries shaped by glaciation thousands of years ago few hours the. The total Distance, check the elevation gain on a trail to a! These and more and years hiking in Norway way Access: from just outside the village of Reine the. Usually you just follow the road along the way the dune filled Horseid beach faces the Trekking! With challenging trails and paths to Norway before but this has definitely changed my mind city that still breathtaking! Of mainland Europe multi-day hikes in Norway do the hike is 2–3 hours return Access: from outside! Hard to pick which ones to tackle as the breathtaking Sunnmøre Alps, most notably Slogen Vengetind and around... 'S paddling and hiking multisport adventure is to walk the main trail starting just of!

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